Perthshire was a small company in Crieff, Scotland devoted to the creation of quality glass paperweights. They closed their doors in January 2002 after more than 30 years of production. Their paperweights were consistently high in quality and yet remained reasonable in price.

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Black Bouquet
A bouquet of flowers arranged on a black background, with eight side facets
33/350 3" dia 1990

Three Dimensional Bouquet
A three dimentional bouquet of flowers and buds on a delicate lattice background; with twenty-four side facets
105/200 3" dia 1997

Multifaceted Lampwork Flower
A medium sized weight featuring a central lampwork flower of pressed complex canes and petals surrounded by 5 picture canes on a clear ground with sixty side facets and a hob nailed base
41/200 2.25" dia 2000

Perthshire Mid-Year
A very limited mid-year weight with a light blue five-petalled flower surrounded by leaves and buds on a white latticinio background; five large side facets
45/50 2.25" dia 199.8

Lampwork Flower & Buds
A medium sizedweight with lampwork flowers and buds bordered with deep blue complex canes on a lace background
30/200 2.5" dia 2000

A delicate pink and amethyst fuchsia set on a white lace background
60/300 3" dia 1993

Large White Flowers and Buds
A bouquet of large white 3d flowers and buds emerging stem head, intertwined to create a wonderful feeling of depth; clear ground with fourteen side faets
35/150 3.25" dia 2000

Medium Rose Circular
A medium sized weight with concentric circles of varous rose millifiori surrounding a six petaled flower on a deep blue base; six side facets
132/200 2.75" dia nd; labeled, but missing box

Medium Complex Millefiori
A complex pattern featuring square millefiori canes on an amethyst base; five side facets
205/350 3" dia 1992

1997 a
1997 Mid Year Millefiori
A magnum unfacetted half round featuring large daisy canes on a black background
12/50 3" dia 1997

Blue Flowers
A clear weight with a green sprig with three blue buds and featuring a red lady bug; twelve side facets
64/250 2 1/4" dia n/d

Christmas Weight
Featuring three red candles set on the branches of a pine bough set on a white lace background; five side facets
30/200 2 3/4" dia 1999

1997 b
1997 Christmas Weight
An upright domed weight featuring two intricate lampwork snowmen enclosed in a frosty dome faceted on the front and two eight point stars engraved in the background
53/250 2 1/2" tall 1997

Millefiori Bud & Flower
A large weight with five sets of millefiori buds each framed in a deep blue arch surrounding a ruby red lampwork flower on a delicate white lace background
88/150 3" dia 2001